For the past century humanity has made a huge leap in development in all thinkable fields, which has left a noticeable trace of waste and destruction behind. Fashion industry alone is responsible for 20% of global wastewater and 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions.  Socially conscious shopping, sustainable wear, fast fashion problem, overproduction and waste management - are not loud phrases to promote your business anymore.

It takes around 7,500 liters of water 

to make a single pair of jeans

Clothing production doubled

between 2000 and 2014

Every second garbage truck of textiles

is landfilled or burned

These facts and numbers are not only real but publicly available for all people to comprehend and accept, forcing us to make a decision and therefore contributing to the future of our planet earth.


Given the amount of used apparel in the world, we probably could stop producing new clothes and it would still be enough supply for everyone. But unfortunately the idea of purchasing second-hand clothes is not widely socially accepted and for many people it is not something they wish to take a part of. That’s why our mission is to promote sustainable, circular fashion by giving it a new look. 

UPCYCLE – take something existing and turn it into something we stand behind. Upcycling represents a truly cyclical, balanced process that all industries and companies should be aiming towards. 


SMUGA started as a desire to express passion for art, in collaboration with sustainable ideas in mind. It has become clear to us, through observations of sustainable living, conscious consumption, and individual power to make a difference, that the only way forward in developing any product is through upcycling, recycling and reusing.  


While working as architects in different countries, Albert and Vlada were exposed to different cultures, what has contributed to the development of their life perception. Resulting in a clear view of the world they want to be a part of. Their professional background was always a reason to create and change the environment to suit one’s needs. Fashion was not an exception. While choosing their own clothes, they would often configure ideas on how to change, redevelop and redesign the items. Seeing people shopping consciously for vintage clothes, beyond economic reasons but also sustainable ones, they decided to combine their passion for art with the available potential of the existing resources. As a result, they created a product which expressed their artistic character and embraced their ambition of a sustainable world.


Step 2

Then comes the most exciting part of creating the unique drawing ideas with messages we would like to deliver and the statements you would be able to associate yourself with. Every colour scheme is carefully selected and tested to bring maximum joy to our customers.

Step 3

The selected design is manually applied to a jacket with acrylic paint, carefully ironed and washed to provide the longest lifespan of the image. 
We approach every item as a unique artwork for you to enjoy and to make life a bit more colourful every time you wear it.  

Step 1

We are thoroughly selecting vintage denim jackets to meet all the criteria for a specific design in mind. All the pieces are cleaned, repaired and steamed before the final design is applied. Also, we distress some items to accomplish the overall idea and to add the final touch. 


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